Today We Live Here

“We live here!” says Rhyze to a family walking by our campsite. Yes, today, we live here. Bin and I have learned how to listen. It’s not about expectations or how everyone else lives their lives. that tiny (and sometimes loud) voice that tells you to get a job and move where the money is and then stay there for 18 years (at least) while you raise your child(ren) – nah. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, we don’t think. It’s just, if your soul isn’t fed also, then what’s the point. So, the way we’re leaning – go with where your soul – your heart – tells you to go. Don’t try to make sense of it, don’t compare your soul spot to your brain list. sometimes the heart and the head don’t agree. Sometimes they don’t communicate very well. and I think that when it comes down to love and roots – that those are times to listen to your heart. and the rest will follow. the brain has to learn to trust your heart. though we are so often raised to train our hearts to listen to our brains. what if everyone, even if you lived in the same house for 30 years, had the attitude of “today we live here?” and then you just embraced that!?

rhyze’s response:

i’m sitting on this picnic table in a beautiful landscape…. ( i ask him if he wanted to add anything to the blog and this was his response…and yes that is what he was doing at the instant that i asked him…even the bit about him trailing off )

bin’s response:

i’m tickled by this entire conversation for a number of reasons. because mazy writes this deep philosophical expose (which i love…obviously) about the importance of being present. with ones self. with the moment. people paint it on wood. living in the moment some call it. carpe diem (right, like a lot of people read latin). anyway, after all that thoughtfulness, rhyze (partly because he’s four) just brings the whole conversation to a screeching halt by being completely present (which i also love). so here i sit, giggling…trying to think of a response. instead i just keep giggling (except for the bit when i wrote this).

1 thought on “Today We Live Here

  1. Absolutely love hearing all that you are all saying. Beautiful truths. And so amazing how Rhyze wraps it all up. We’ve been calling him “the little philosopher “ around here.

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