sometimes a river

our final night in montana. we are just north of yellowstone national park. second gig in a row right next to a river. (the rivers in montana are raging face right now!) the melting snow (they had a bunch) bringing all rivers and streams to near capacity. transforming already “big water” (to quote norman mclain… since i feel like i have camped in his novel the last two nights) into enormous water. so loud i find it hard to understand it. to listen to the river at this volume is a special privilege. the gushing river emoting to the brim of its banks. one of which i am standing on. i feel good. calm. centered. grounded. i feel all this while surrounded by the chaotic violent ruckus that is montana’s spring runoff. i take this as a good sign. the river reminding me to continue listening to my inner bin.

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