experiencing Lawrence with open arms

we’ve visited Lawrence Kansas many times, but never like this. this time we are open to this being home. we’ve considered it for home in the past, but not as seriously as this time. this time, as we enter Lawrence Kansas, we have new eyes. we’ve been places, experienced them. our souls have an idea of what fills them. our list of things and items we were looking for in a town has mostly dissolved. our agendas and expectations nearly extinguished.

what we find is Lawrence Kansas to be incredibly honest with itself. Lawrence is changing and it knows it. some people there are working tirelessly on that progressive change front. others turn their heads to ignore it. the art there is alive and fresh. ideas abound. there is movement. there is room for us to nestle in, root down, and grow. there are affordable places to live. there are neighborhoods and farms and lakes to swim in. there are friends.

but… our souls are just not quite ready to sink into the pace of city life. bin has a feeling that if we land in Lawrence we would likely stay a long long time. it’s a good feeling, but one we’re not quite ready for after all. something inside us says we need to slow down a bit before we speed it up – work a bit on our roots and our centers – get a really good foundation, gain some skills, get our feet on the ground. and then fly!

so we head to Washington Missouri to nestle in with family and ponder our direction…

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