a new home for bazie!

this “tour” has been the adventure of a lifetime. we have gained insight, perspective, and peace. we’ve made new friends, deepened old friendships, and have become even closer as a family. and… we found a new place to call home!

throughout our trip, bin and i both tried our hardest to put aside expectations, to embrace each moment fully, and to allow doors to open before us. on our best days, it worked beautifully (and on our worst, we gained tools for how to do better). A few of our most amazing cosmic days were spent on Whidbey Island (part of an archipelago west of Seattle).

Whidbey island has been a special place for me since the day i first set foot on it in college many moons ago. in fact, Teresa (my friend who now lives there with her partner and 3 daughters) and i were recounting how clearly we remembered our first ferry ride to the island – facing the wind on the front of the boat, giddy with childlike anticipation. we first went to the island as part of an “alternative spring break” trip in college. we were to help with the island Americorp team with environmental-based education projects, some trail maintenance, and a few projects at a local zen Buddhist monastery. that trip, it turns out, impacted both of our lives significantly. for Teresa, it was an introduction to a way of living that she would follow closely and her practice at the sister monastery in japan introduced her to her now-husband. for me, i was introduced to environmental education, the ocean, and a method of quieting my mind.

it seems natural that this would become my new home (for now). we have found an apartment next door to our friends and i have found a dream job at a very “Rootsy” school called Calyx School. additionally, there is an amazing art community in south Whidbey that bin and i are both excited to be a part of. we are excited to re-unite with old friends and explore inspiring ideas with new friends too.

Whidbey island… we’ll see you July 1st! (or 2nd or 3rd)

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  1. So glad you’ve ‘landed.’ I’ve been following your adventures and have been so anxious to find out where you would end up (Actually, I was hoping it would be closer to me). But I love you 3 and wish you peace and happiness. Maybe I can come see you someday. Love you to pieces!! Auntie Chris

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