water canon

on the coat tales of my day yesterday (i build a water cannon rube Goldberg with my neighbor*) it is totally fitting to stumble…..wait. i cant concentrate on that. i just told you i made (and installed in the commons area of my tiny house situation) a water cannon rube Goldberg. i thought about an explanation but then wondered how many words a video of rhyze using it would be (like when a picture is worth say 1,000) so i included a short video (click on “image_8046” to see the video)

*there is something you should know about this particular neighbor. he was the director of exhibits for a children’s museum and has a special affinity for water exhibits. (this really is an admission that it was his idea and i liked it a lot)

(the beautiful photos are of my art buddy, Tom (mentioned above) with his homemade bubble machine)