Tilted Orange is a blog about Perspective…

…it’s about the curious tilted life of Bazie: Bin Greer, Maisie, and our son, Rhyze. (Our dog, Luminata, is a silent partner).

After rooting ourselves in the mountains of Colorado for over 7 years, we are embarking on a journey we call the “Tour de Orange” to find a place where the rivers speak to us — a new home (at least for now). We are moving out of our beloved Estes Park home on May 1st. We’re then renting a camper van from “Escape Campervans” in Denver, and hitting the road! We will head West through Utah to California and then up Hwy 1 along the coast all the way to Olympic National Park. We’ll be visiting National Parks, the Golden Gate Bridget (by Rhyze’s request), and old and new friends. We’ll be checking out the towns of Bellingham (WA), Missoula, and Bozeman, as places we might choose to live, but are staying open to all ideas! Other possible Bazie hometowns include Grand Junction (CO), Paonia (CO), Taos (NM), Santa Fe (NM), Lawrence (KS), and possibly Vermont! If you have a hometown suggestion for us – please let us know! Our stipulations are that there are train tracks, a river, at least one university (no more than 3), neighborhoods, affordable living, and no more than a 10 minute drive to wilderness.



Why Tilted Orange?

A few months ago, as we were deep in the fog of where to go with our lives, our beloved orange armchair broke. The bottom fell right through and it tilted. Bin and I laughed and wondered what to do with our now tilted chair. Any average family would probably dispose of the chair. But we’re not an average family. The chair has history. It was given to us by friends who, upon hearing that we were moving into an unfurnished apartment 8 months pregnant in a town recently ravaged by a “100-year flood,” decided we should have their chair. The chair had held mother Karen as she nursed her now grown daughter, Cheryl, who is now the manager at the coffee shop where I work. And then I nursed our son, Rhyze, who is now 4, in the same chair. It’s a squeaky chair. Bin and Rhyze oil it from time to time. It swivels, rocks, and is just the right size for our small living space. So what to do with a broken orange chair? Bin sits in it and, to his surprise, it’s actually comfortable, all tilted. I try it too, and in the morning, Rhyze gives it a go, and the dog, Lumi, too. We are all in agreement, that the orange chair is just as comfortable, if not more, than it ever was. So we leave it. We come to enjoy our tilted chair, experimenting with different ways to sit in it and noticing the different perspective we get from sitting it in. And then we realize, Bin and I, that the orange chair is our life. We are the tilted orange chair. We are always seeing things in new ways, embracing change, and challenging ourselves to new perspectives.

The stories, muses, and questions contained on these pages is the beginning of the middle of a story of Bazie…