classic start to my day. wake earlyish (early is relative). coffee…..then slump town. i hit this mid morning lull and have to convince myself not to nap. most times i think of a reason to do something better than nap…. Read moreadventitious

fairy tale

i live in a fairytale world. today i walked up to the farmers market (1pm for those of you who may have been thinking i was up early) and ran into a brand new friend (i met him at a… Read morefairy tale

pop tarts

pop tarts seem less good than i remember. in fact, my memory of them is so spectacular that there would be no realistic way for them to actually match up. i learned this recently when i was explaining to rhyze… Read morepop tarts


maisie and i were running a few errands around my childhood home in missouri (home of amazing humans enduring really heinous humidity) and realized that something has changed in me (shock and awe gasp here please). my ability to tolerate… Read morehumidity

playing house

you should never let your children play house in the neighborhood unless you want everyone to know what kind of parent you are. i am on my dad’s porch and the neighbor kids (here are four of them. just the… Read moreplaying house